Bishop Hillary GarangWelcome to Malakal Diocese

Our Vision

We want to see a self reliant, transformed and God fearing community in Malakal Diocese.

Our Mission

We exist to proclaim the gospel and to help establish socio-economic development in our community.

Our Work

The church is central to the development of our communities. What is needed is both Proclamation and Demonstration of God’s love to his people and for those 2 things to be linked together which is what we try to do here in our Diocese.

Proclaiming the gospel

Proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ is fundamental in all our work here in Malakal Diocese. Our activities include weekly church services in multiple languages and weekly bible studies. Our Youth work includes running Sunday schools and introducing religious education in our church schools.  We offer pastoral care through counselling, hospital & prison visits and Mothers Union activities. As head of ECS’s Theological Commission Bishop Hillary works to help ensure the running of ECS’s theological colleges, raising the quality of teaching and to enable greater numbers of pastors to receive training.